Hi! I’m Jennifer, the “seoul” behind this blog, and I’m so happy that you’re here!

I’ve started this blog to organize and share some of my favorite dishes as well as the more exciting parts of my small family life. I’m a self/mother/tvfoodshow-taught home cook that likes to cook up easy (sometimes difficult) and delicious food to share and eat.

Growing up, I learned to cook with what I like to call the “Just Eyeball It” method. It leaves out most measuring procedures and relies on you to be the judge of your ingredients. My mother rarely measured anything when cooking and when she did, it was with her hands. We all have different sized hands so that didn’t work out so well for me. I observed and cooked along with my mother as well as held after-school cooking experiments in the kitchen, during which I fed my two younger siblings (willingly, not coerced ;p) both terrible (extremely eggy pancakes) and deliciously extraordinary (chicken broccoli mac n’ cheese) dishes and learned a lot in the process. I still hold experiments in my kitchen and my husband eats it all without complaint, although he will give me an honest, sometimes brutal review. But I welcome the criticism, because that’s how I learn best!

Because of how I learned to cook, the majority of my recipes are based on the “Just Eyeball It” method so your version of the dish may come out slightly different, but that’s the best thing about cooking: you can tweak it to your taste and the ingredients that you love most.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back soon~

♥ Jennifer